Sou Fujimoto

spiral house project, 2007
image courtesy sou fujimoto architects via http://www.designboom.com/eng/interview/sou_fujimoto.html



"House before House” by Sou Fujimoto 2008
 One of the four concept houses built for the “SUMIKA Project” 
by TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd."

"The house consists of 10 metal prisms arranged in an apparently dispersed manner creating a set of interior and exterior spaces that communicate with each other by ladders. The prisms are containers of living space (placements) or containers of soil (pots) were trees of various species were planted. The project reflects on the concept of limit and content, living space incorporating both the content and container. The composition of prismatic volumes (containers) defines a landscape of self-absorbed and self interstitial spaces."
thanks to archporn