Google maps lets you indoors and underground

Google maps 6 released for Android November 2011 now lets you see inside buildings.

In the case of Minneapolis Saint-Paul international we can see underground.


Victoria (skate) Park

Vicky park was well busy this arvo.

A grom commented "its going to be world war three" as a fat skater over on the shallow end of the bowl section yells "get out of the bowl!" to Bmx riders dropping in to the deep end as fellow skaters in the shallow bowl carve out to shred the whole area. Seems there is a bit of chaos as everyone is keen to ride the new park.

London skateparks do get very busy with all types of people and skill levels. From what I have seen the crowds and pros are usually tolerant and let anyone have a go. I expect the park to have a few months of new park crazyness. This should mellow out as novelty and spectical of the park becomes the norm and everyone chills out a bit.

Still not officially opened or finished we have more crazyness to come no doubt.

Saki and bitches

Saki shows us her bitches.
In the studio exhibition of painted booty babes on glass cabinets ousted from the British Museum.
Find out more at sakiandb.blogspot.com


London's Victoria Park - Skate Park Construction

As we roll into October 2011 the skatepark in Victoria Park London is almost finished. The skatepark component is complete and it seems just the surrounding landscaping remains to be done. Despite still being a work-site, the skatepark is already a popular attraction and well used facility. Crowds of dedicated skaters/rides of anything, young kids, families and generally interested folk are making their way through the fence to participate in this sceptical. 

Constructed by Wheelscape a dedicated skatepark construction company. The parks transitions where made by spraying the concrete into place then hand finish the surface with the aid of templates.


Dave White Art

Painting from 'Dunkeys Evolve' by David White
Imazoo Gallery in Seoul. 4-10th Sep 2011

images via jme7315


LINES Exhibition London

LINES Exhibition held at 3 Baltic East Street, 
London from the 18th of August 2011 to the 28th of August.
Open publication - Free publishing - More architecture


Internet in Humans & BIM in Disney

"NASA held its first information technology summit. Speakers at the second day included Internet pioneer and Google Vice President Vint Cerf, who shared his thoughts about the past and future of the Internet, including the possible creation of an interplanetary network. Also speaking were Jack Blitch from Disney Imagineering, on how his company designs and implements it attractions, and some of its plans for the future."

Inverter of the internet speaks of its future 

Cerf, Vinton G.

Vice PresidentGoogle Inc

BIM in Disney Land

Blitch, Jack 

Vice PresidentWalt Disney Company->Imagineering 



Saki and bitches

"First show coming soon"
Spotted under shoreditch high street station.


Expressed volumes house London

How would you describe this form? Anorexic, exoskelliton, shrink-wrapped, dehidrated...

Unusual free standing home in central London


London bridge proposals

"Thomas Telford’s London bridge design.

Telfords 180m single arch proposal for the 1799 competition to design a replacement for the Medieval London Bridge. The design was not adopted due to the amount of land required for the approaches. A new bridge, designed by John Rennie, and completed by his son, was built in 1824-31.

Rocker-Lange Architects are releasing their proposal for the “London Bridge 800: Inhabited Bridge” competition. The proposal for a Living Bridge over the River Thames was one of the schemes of the Living Bridge Competition for the 800’s aniversery of London Bridge, London. The scheme was selected by the jury to be included in several exhibitions in London and Manchester.

The proposal seeks to readdress the typology of the terraced house in a contemporary interpretation by implementing the concept of cross scalar variation to achieve varying programmatic and formal identity and a unique spatial configuration. On the other hand the scheme provides a uniform and holistic building envelope for the entire composition on London Bridge, ensuring a strong iconic identity for the structure and the city.

The bridge provides two main promenades that are situated on the perimeter of the bridge. While the east promenade is accessible to both, vehicles and pedestrians the west promenade is only accessible to pedestrians. Intervals of cross connectivity through the commercial folded landscape are structured by the terraced housing arrangement and generate an easy movement between the two promenades.

London architect and tutor at the Architectural Association - Lawrence Friesen.

He designed a sinuous second bridge to be built above the existing crossing, which would allow traffic to continue using the link."

via DarJoLe on skyscrapercity.com January 29th, 2010


Old London Bridge

Old London Bridge ( Artist; Peter Jackson) 1209-1831.
4 Bridges of the City

 Old London Bridge in 1745 (1846)

Joseph Josiah Dodd "Old London Bridge in 1745 (1846)"


An Engraving of the old London Bridge with many multi-storied buildings crowded all along it.  It is shown over the River and the town of London is shown in the distance.

[Images: An image of "new houses" built across the river, followed by a spectacular image, by Peter Jackson, of the Old London Bridge itself].
– with the former example surely having been at least a subtle influence on the design of Constant's New Babylon –

[Images: Constant's New Babylon – not the same as this New Babylon, of course... though that would be interesting].

Old London  Bridge - Only  for Poets

a model in the London Museum
Old London Bridge around 1660
Old London Bridge
The Chapel of St. Thomas
The Drawbridge Gate
Stone Gate House
Old London Bridge
Houses on Old London Bridge
Water Mills
Old London Bridge

Joseph Josiah Dodd - Old London Bridge

Old London Bridge (Original)