Victoria (skate) Park

Vicky park was well busy this arvo.

A grom commented "its going to be world war three" as a fat skater over on the shallow end of the bowl section yells "get out of the bowl!" to Bmx riders dropping in to the deep end as fellow skaters in the shallow bowl carve out to shred the whole area. Seems there is a bit of chaos as everyone is keen to ride the new park.

London skateparks do get very busy with all types of people and skill levels. From what I have seen the crowds and pros are usually tolerant and let anyone have a go. I expect the park to have a few months of new park crazyness. This should mellow out as novelty and spectical of the park becomes the norm and everyone chills out a bit.

Still not officially opened or finished we have more crazyness to come no doubt.

Saki and bitches

Saki shows us her bitches.
In the studio exhibition of painted booty babes on glass cabinets ousted from the British Museum.
Find out more at sakiandb.blogspot.com


London's Victoria Park - Skate Park Construction

As we roll into October 2011 the skatepark in Victoria Park London is almost finished. The skatepark component is complete and it seems just the surrounding landscaping remains to be done. Despite still being a work-site, the skatepark is already a popular attraction and well used facility. Crowds of dedicated skaters/rides of anything, young kids, families and generally interested folk are making their way through the fence to participate in this sceptical. 

Constructed by Wheelscape a dedicated skatepark construction company. The parks transitions where made by spraying the concrete into place then hand finish the surface with the aid of templates.