shigeru ban: paper tower

image © designboom

shigeru ban's paper tower...the japanese architect was selected to work with cardboard manufacturer sonoco, constructing a 22m high cone-shaped tower made from hundreds of compressed cardboard tubes.presented as part of london design week, the tower will be on view until october 18th, 2009 at the southbank centre, london."


kevin cyr: camper bike

"artist kevin cyr built this pedal-powered camper for one in april 2008. the camper sits on a modified bike
frame with two back wheel and one up front. the rider sits on the bike and can pedal around, moving the
camper from place to place. inside the camper features all the amenities needed in a small and compact
envelope. the sculptural piece also became a subject in many of cyr’s paintings. the design is perfect for
a solo holiday and will definetly turn some heads along the way."

Sou Fujimoto

spiral house project, 2007
image courtesy sou fujimoto architects via http://www.designboom.com/eng/interview/sou_fujimoto.html



"House before House” by Sou Fujimoto 2008
 One of the four concept houses built for the “SUMIKA Project” 
by TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd."

"The house consists of 10 metal prisms arranged in an apparently dispersed manner creating a set of interior and exterior spaces that communicate with each other by ladders. The prisms are containers of living space (placements) or containers of soil (pots) were trees of various species were planted. The project reflects on the concept of limit and content, living space incorporating both the content and container. The composition of prismatic volumes (containers) defines a landscape of self-absorbed and self interstitial spaces."
thanks to archporn 

the layers which make up the 'coal house'


File:Coal House.jpg
SUMIKA Project by Tokyo Gas(Model House by TOKYO GAS), Coal House, at Utsunomiya Tochigi Japan, design by Terunobu Fujimori + Kiyotaka Hayami in 2008

Let ecology inspire artists, let biology be the blueprint for architects. If Radical Nature had a manifesto, that might be it.

"One of Heather and Ivan Morison’s domes entitled, I am so sorry. Goodbye, installed at the Barbican"

"Let ecology inspire artists, let biology be the blueprint for architects. If Radical Nature had a manifesto, that might be it. The Barbican’s show charts the vogue for eco-design with works dating back to 1969, before global warming was even on the international agenda. Two years earlier in 1967, English artist Richard Long had made his ground-breaking (well, ground-treading) Land Art debut with A Line Made by Walking, a photograph of which is included in his Tate Britainretrospective, Heaven and Earth. Both shows are essentially about the same thing: a creative response to the planet."
August 14 by: Herbert Wright

"New Artificial Reefs "Grow" From irregularly shaped modular building blocks"


"Reviving the Reef
Using cranes and large parachutes, the team has already sunk huge concrete structures, each weighing 4.2 tons, into water 19 to 22 feet (6 to 7 meters) deep. Before installation, corals were nursed in special tubes designed to fit in holes drilled into the artificial reef. In September researchers aided by university students and Israeli schoolchildren glued the tubes across the surfaces of the irregularly shaped modular building blocks. About 250 of the coral-filled tubes have already been planted on the reef, and more are in the works."


New! Be@rbrick Series 18 - SF (Terminator)

Be@rbrick Series 18 - SF (Terminator)
" Be@rbrick Series 18 SF features the shiny Terminator Salvation (T-RIP)! Includes a mini card.

* The boxes have been opened to identify the figure since these are packed blind box. The inner plastic packaging is intact and sealed.

measurements: 2.5 inches tall"

Teddy Troops Mini Figures Series 3

Teddy Troops Mini Figures Series 3
"Europe's popular Flying Fortress graffiti artist continues to spread their army of Teddy Troops with their latest blind box mini figure artist series. Series 3 includes designs from Mr. Jago, Jeremy Fish, Joe Ledbetter, Frank Kozik, SEEN, KRSN, Parskid, Flying Fortress and secret designs! Made out of vinyl. Produced by Adfunture.

Each figure is RANDOMLY ASSORTED so you don't know which one you'll get until it's opened! Each box also contains ONE figure. Good luck!

measurements: 3.5 inches tall "

Tokidoki introduced a new mini series - The Cactus Pups! The Cactus Friends family expands with these new lovely puppies - meet the CACTUS PUPS! Each Cactus Pup is a petite and cute 1 inch tall, and is packaged with a special accessory - dog bowl, soccer ball, sausage, and more.

Be@rbrick Series 18 BASIC features a pastel purple (lavender) color and a letter on the chest. Collect 9 different BASIC letters to spell out B-E-@-R-B-R-I-C-K! Choose your favorite letter!

Ningyoushi.com - Cool Toys For The Savvy Collector!



The “Fool’s Façade” in Amsterdam


"YEAR ZERO By brianholmes

Merijn Oudenampsen, who gave such a great talk on the Creative City

back at the my-CI conference in Amsterdam in November 06, has now published a new version of his ideas in Variant magazine:

www.variant.randomstate.org//pdfs/issue31/31CreativeCity.pdf  "

thanks brianholmes.wordpress.com

reconfigurable robot
Course: Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence
Self-organizing & Reconfigurable Robots
Lecturer: Dario Floreano

Lab: Roomba
Assistants: Sabine Hauert & Sara Mitri

thanks to http://moodle.epfl.ch/course/view.php?id=216

"A one-tool solution"



Rollerblade ® UFS Frame and Sole

"Heat moulding not relevant"

This is not relevant to this model, but can be used in the other models in the TRS range.  Heat moulding generally improves the fit and comfort of most skates, and is most common on skates that require a close and accurate fit such as hockey and speed skates.

thanks to londonskaters.com


Robot-Built Installation

Pike Loop, a Robot-Built Installation in NYC
Sep 30 2009 - Nov 14 2009
Exhibition opening: September 30, 7pm at Storefront for Art and Architecture.
Installation location: Pike Street between Division Street and East Broadway.
Construction period: October 5 – 27, 9am – 7pm
Installation Inauguration: October 27, 7pm at Pike Street between Division Street and East Broadway.
words and images care of Storefront for Art and Architecture

Installations By Architects: Experiments in Building and Design (Paperback)

Installations By Architects: Experiments in Building and Design

by Sarah Bonnemaison (Author), Ronit Eisenbach (Author)

"The first survey of its kind, Installations by Architects features fifty of the most significant projects from the last twenty-five years by today's most exciting architects, including Anderson Anderson, Philip Beesley, Diller + Scofidio, John Hejduk, Dan Hoffman, and Kuth/Ranieri Architects." - thanks hennessey and ingalls bookstore