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Nissen Adams on Blueprint mag

"A prototype flood-proof house designed by Nissen Adams
Ecobuild 2010 this year will be held at London’s Earls Court from the 2 – 4 March."
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Heart Eyes

Kathie Olivas

On vinylpulse

"Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters @ Opera Gallery New York


Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters will present new original paintings and 3D sculptures for a four-person show opening @ Opera Gallery New York next week.  As a preview, we’re bringing you a look at one of our favorite pieces -- the Elizabeth x Inkslinger sculpture.  This collaborative piece nicely combines Kathie’s upcoming limited-edition fiberglass Elizabeth sculpture with an epoxy resin Inkslinger from Brandt.  

Standing nearly four feet tall (45”), this piece represents the new pinnacle of both artists’ exploration of 3D art objects over the past few years.  Whether viewed as a sculpture or a peerless art toy, Elizabeth x Inkslinger brings tangible life and physical presence to their collective bodies of work.

The show which also features work by John John Jesse and Jenn Porreca opens with a private preview (guest list only) on Thursday, January 14th  (6-9 PM) and will be open to the public from January 15th through February 5th (11 am – 7PM daily).

Opera Gallery New York
115, Spring Street


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Chris Ryniak

on www.vinylpulse.com

"Chris Ryniak – 3” Vampire Dunny Commission

Ohio artist Chris Ryniak blends his skills as a painter and sculpter to bring his monstrous dreams to 3D reality in the form of original sculptures and toy customs.  Here’s a look his Vampire Dunny (3”) done as a commission for a private collector.  This beastie carries the signature Ryniak Monster DNA with large protruding eyes and bulging, prominent and oh so sharp teeth. Keep him away from your neck…

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Jet-Black & Featherlight 02.27.09 by myplasticheart

Jet-Black & Featherlight 02.27.09 by myplasticheart.Jet-Black & Featherlight 02.27.09 by myplasticheart.Jet-Black & Featherlight 02.27.09 by myplasticheart.
"Jet-Black & Featherlight show featuring works by Guy McKinley "
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Kenny Wong and Ferg

on www.vinylpulse.com

" Kenny Wong x Ferg – White Copperhead Squadt (1.25)

Since we first mentioned the White Copperhead Squadt by Kenny Wong and Ferg we’ve been waiting for a drop announcement.  Wait no more.  The newest Squadt from Jamungo drops next Monday, January 25th @ Noon CST from the Squadt shop.  Limited to just 100 pcs, the pristine white diver Squadt will be available for $75 which includes worldwide Fedex shipping. 

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Brandt Peters

from www.vinylpulse.com

"Brandt Peters x Ferg SQUADT


Wow… So we’ve known a Brandt Peters crossover SQUADT was in the works.  Now that the first official teaser shot has dropped of the WIP ‘helmet’ sculpt, we’re impressed.  Starting with Brandt’s basic Skelve this design seems to up the realism and darkness with key details such as very realistic cracks and indentations.   Can’t wait to see the equipment loadouts on these.

Apparently slated for Ferg’s Playge brand, this new BP Squadt highlights the tremendous ‘platform’ potential of the figure.  First there was Kenny Wong’s Copperhead Squadt and now this one,  who’s next ?  [Via Collect and Destroy]"


ON www.vinylpulse.com

"Proto Monday >> Scribe – The Resound Field Guide

We’re pleased to bring you a President’s Day edition of Proto Monday featuring the first glimpse of Scribe’s (D. Ross) The Resound Field Guide mini-series in the works from Cardboard Spaceship.  This series will bring a selection of Scribe’s popular characters into the toy realm including  his walrus which we’re revealing today in final sculpt form.

With this nice sculpt, the series promises to capture the strong characterization which has earned him a passionate and growing collector base. As with many others we’ve been duly impressed with his numerous jaw dropping customs and are excited by the opportunity to own his menagerie of quirky wildlife.