poster dissection


the poster is 1682mmX1189mm
the large scale enables readings from various levels
reading levels can be divided in 3
- first level / impression viewable  from 6 to 3 meters, information is symbols greater than 30cm

- second level- viewable  from 3 to 2 meters, information is symbols greater than 5cm
third level / information - 2-1m view, symbols of 1cm become viewable.
forth level / fine detail- 1m-20cm, symbols of 2mm become viewable.

what images/symbols/text will be on my poster?

1.first level / Impression Message
 -Hero Image

  • information
  • building system - not just one building
  • modular
  • growing -aneXing

2.second level = Main Message- state of the art comes standard
- subtitles/ slogans - pushes the ethical position/ identity
   -mass production - human power - reuse
- diagrams of the important characteristics
-anatomy of the system
-process of construction
-information requires the connection of 3-4 neatly grouped symbols

  • Information 

  • ·        Modular Prefab building system

    ·        Communal super service structure - structure and services in 3d Grid

    ·        Flatpack - human scale – easy cheap transport

    o       Reduce reliance on cranes & trucks

    o       Affordable

    o       Human empowered

    ·        Plug’n’play components - Easy install – no specialists needed - no skilled labour required 
    ·        Client/user choice

2. third level = Secondary message- unique beyond standards
 -information requires the connection of multiple symbols which may be separated and referenced or connected by call-out arrows
-detailed renderings of individual dwellings,
  -standalone (walk around) -low density, 1-3 stories

  -row house (walk to) -medium density, 2-3 stories
  -parasites (walk via) -increasing medium density, 1-6 stories attached` to another structure

  -dense mix (walk up/lift assist) -high density. 6 stories

  • information

  • ·        Affordable and extendable - mass production

    ·        Density variable

    ·        Location variable

    ·        Narrative driven form - user generated outcome

    ·        Zone rules create community patterns

    ·        Users interact via catalogue/ store

    ·        Reusable –Interchangeable prefab components

    ·        Easy recycling

4.Forth level Sub messages- standards for all

- subliminal messages, artifact placement

- information is implied through depiction of theoretically a lined products and well known cultural symbols.
- gives a sense of realism and living inhabitants to the representations. e.g. grafiti, bikes, trailers, green walls, wind turbines, solar panels, water tanks, signs of degeneration (DEATH), signs of life (lights, flags, stickers, posters, birds, drama, trash, rubbish, ware & tear, obstructions)

  • information

  • ·        Expanding the client base of architecture
    ·        Architect as a broadcaster 
    ·      Integrated two way networks – water and power harvesting
    .     new building materials - hemp 
    ·        Most houses are not designed by architects
    ·        Houses usually overcrowded and under-utilised 
    ·        Normal buildings go to landfill