Word or Pdf on CD, labelled with the name of the essay, the students name and number. Wednesday 18th November, by 11 am

An illustrated 2500 words essay
• a synopsis of the theoretical aspects of their Final Year project
• references to source ideas and propositions, to architectural concepts and their theoretical underpinnings
• connections with and/or counterpoint the propositions articulated by one or more of the speakers in the Guest Series
  •  Students may choose to present a manifesto.
  • They may alternatively present a critique or critical analysis in the manner of an architectural theorist, a third party

Assessment Criteria

• Insight and analysis into the design
• Understanding of the history of the idea(s) explored
• Familiarity with the theoretical position of the chosen Speaker(s)
• Contrast and/or confluence with Speaker(s) position
self realization and honesty of the journey to a personal theoretical position.