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AneX depicts a built environment capable of fine grain and large scale changes without disturbing ongoing uses. Designed for future extension, renovation, downsizing and reuse.

A network of networks is carried within the primary structure. enabling services to extend as the building does.

The structure is designed to reach seven stories, aiming for a paris and barcelona level of density for adelaide. This height allows sunlight to reach the streets.

Low density - rural
A free standing home

The same home
Grown and adapted

When there is no free land aneX builds on top of other buildings. this could be and extension or new neighbours moving in above you.

Homes of all sizes
you can start with a single bedroom home and keep adding untill you have enough room for your whole family. When your kids move out you can even sell part of your house without selling your home. aneX makes downsizing simple, environmentally friendly and economically sensible.

The light weight composition of aneX is less depended on heavy machinery. All but the primary structure can be carried by hand.





William Harbison
Masters of Architecture
Adelaide University 2009