SLI - modular prefab building system from Seattle

From: SustainableLivingInv  | Apr 19, 2011  | 1,409 views
SLI is redefining the way multi-family urban dwellings are built. Pre-finished components constructed off-site combined with breakthrough design and engineering results in a smaller cost model and a dramatically bigger living experience. SLI projects are flexible, scalable, come in multiple configurations, and are built in a fraction of the time of traditional projects -- reducing risk while delivering a higher-end sustainable experience at a lower-end cost.

Why do things the same old way in the new market realities? At SLI, we're exploring new models that come with greater rewards." -http://www.youtube.com/user/SustainableLivingInv

"About SLI

In the fall of 2008, CollinsWoerman brought together four top-flight firms with expertise in engineering, design and construction firms to solve a long-standing industry dilemma: How can we eliminate the nearly 50% of waste generated by the standard commercial building process?
Other questions followed. How can we return those savings to building owners and occupants in the form of higher value? How can we capture the wealth of innovation that is dispersed through the design and construction industries? How can we find a new way of building that combines construction efficiencies, cost savings, and real sustainability?
The group agreed that in the current market, the standard commercial building process was no longer a viable business model and the new economic realities would fundamentally change the way buildings would be built.
Today, after several years of research and development, SLI has arrived. It is the most flexible, efficient, custom housing product on the market AND the only pre-fabricated system on the market that is scalable for mid-rise structures. Pre-finished components constructed off-site combined with breakthrough design and engineering result in a faster construction timeline, which means the product is faster to market. And the money saved in labor costs can be put into high-quality materials that enhance value and durability, ultimately delivering a better overall lifestyle experience to residents.
The results are compelling: higher quality buildings built in half the time of conventional wood frame construction; lower operating and maintenance costs, high levels of sustainability “baked-in” and guaranteed pricing and delivery."
- www.sustainablelivinginnovations.com

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